Boatshed opens in Atlanta, Georgia

They say the “Stars Fall on Georgia” and one came down this week in Atlanta, as was opened.

Mr. Grant LeRoux currently run’s several successful Marine businesses in Northern Georgia including a successful new boat dealership representing several top line motor boat brands.

Like many new boat dealers, with the need to turn trade boats and boost sales in general, Grant looked for some help on just how to target his used boat inventory to the boat buyers across the USA and Europe.

“I came across Boatshed and loved the exciting representation they give to each boat, with 70 photographs and lots of detailed information of each boat they list” quoted Grant. “I contacted Boatshed HQ, had a few chats and booked my flights to meet the whole team”

“The software is simply so far advanced; it not only provides pre qualified buyers but allows for my pro active sales staff to search out these buyers across the internet. This is truly high tech solutions to a traditional job” said Grant.

We know will shine bright, good luck Grant.